About our products



Why World of Blends?


We want to make a difference on the following points:


attention to beauty and quality. All our products have been personally selected by us. We saw them and touched them at the purchase. This way we can vouch for what we sell. This applies to both quality and aesthetic. Of course, tastes differ, but we actively follow living trends and look for products that are often slightly different from what is widely available. Colours, shape and texture are distinctive and inextricably linked.


attention to people. Our goal is customer satisfaction. We like to do business with people and let them enjoy beautiful products, we try to meet your expectations and where possible to exceed them.





Are the rugs new?

The Azilal and Boucherouite rugs are vintage, which means they are 20-30 years old.

Beni-Ouarain carpets are new or used, so no vintage. They are therefore “younger” than the Azilal carpets but always original and therefore of 100% wool and hand woven in Morocco.


What is the quality of the rugs?

What applies to all carpets is that we buy them ourselves and personally pick them out. In addition to aesthetic value, we also pay attention to the quality of the fabric. All the carpets we sell are clean and in good condition. This is not always to say in new condition: vintage carpets are sometimes up to 30 years old and they are sometimes already used. That is also visible with some rugs. When looking at the product descriptions, pay attention to the details of the state of the product.


We can email you additional detailed photos if requested. In addition, you can always make an appointment with us to come and see the carpet yourself at our location.


Can I try a rug at my home without obligation?

That is not a problem either. You can order one or more carpets and put them in your home. If for any reason they don’t fully live up to your expectations, you can just send them back to us. You will then receive your money back immediately after return. Please note that you must do so within 14 days, that the shipping costs for the return are on your behalf and that the returned carpets are in the same condition as you received them from us. See for more details here.



Can I rent a rug for a temporary period?

Yes, you can. We charge a weekly rate that is a percentage of the selling price. You pay us a deposit worth the sale price, which you will receive back when the carpet is received back by us. You can’t rent through the webshop,
please inquire
for further details and appointments.





What makes Alpaca so special?

Alpaca wool comes from the Alpaca from South America, a relative of the llama, and is the softest wool there is to get. It does not tickle, is hypo-allergen and is warm in winter and cool in summer. In the pictures it already looks beautiful but what you can’t see on it is how it feels. The cushions feel deep, soft and rich and make the experience very special.


Are Alpaca products animal-friendly?

Yes. Alpaca wool used in rugs is shaved from the Alpaca, just as sheep are shaved here. The pillows are made of skins, but no Alpacas are killed for this. These animals are too valuable in life for their wool production to slaughter them for their skin. So all Alpacas die of natural causes.




Butterflies and insects


What makes your framed insects so special?

It’s the colors, the formats and the way of framing. Many butterflies, for example, have a beautiful metallic sheen and unlike many other stuffed insects they are all framed and glued into double glazing and therefore not pricked on cardboard. They are only attached to the glass at one or a minimum number of points with glue, so that they appear to fly freely, which greatly contributes to the aesthetic value of the product.


Is it OK to buy framed insects?

All insects we sell are legally purchased and imported. No insect we sell is protected or registered as protected. They are also cultivated and therefore not caught in the wild. Sales do not come at the expense of the natural stock and our suppliers comply with all international laws and regulations.